rf A little bit more about Rachel Farganis Est. 2014

First and foremost: THANK YOU. Thank you for visiting my page, learning more about me, and taking a glance at my work! I truly hope you’ll get in touch! I’d love to photograph you and your family!

A bit about me:

–I’m a native-born Ohio girl, with a unrelenting love for architecture and antiques (especially when the two are combined…give me an old abandoned building, and I’m in heaven!).
–I’m allergic to cold. Totally serious here, y’all; cold makes me break out in hives. It makes the winter months rather unpleasant.
–I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for seven years, we have the most amazing five year old son, and our one year old baby girl! Our family is rounded out by a slightly insane cat that we rescued from a golf course.
–I’m addicted to coffee.
–I hate onions. And peppers. And celery. You can image how hard it is to eat out…I spend most meals picking the offending vegetables from my plate.
–I will only drive a stick-shift car (I hate to have to amend this…I just got my first automatic car in 14 years…I’m broken-hearted about this!)
–I have quite a number of tattoos, though I can’t see most of them…even I forget they are there sometimes.
–I have a bachelors in Political Science, a Masters in Public Administration, and two years of Doctoral work in Higher Education Administration. I proudly hang my degrees on the wall, even though I don’t use them ;)

A bit about me and my camera:
I want to provide my clients with those memories. I want to give them a perfect moment, frozen in time….Whether it’s a simple family photo, or the birth of a child, I strive to create images that warm hearts. My style is simplistic and natural; I enjoy capture the moments when no one realizes I’m watching. As a natural light photographer, I adore a beautiful sunny day, but know a cloudy grey sky can produce breathtaking images as well. I have a small studio in St. Paul where I put studio lighting to good use  for  newborn images, allowing me to capture beautiful images rain or shine!